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Why Mobilizing Is The Most Important Thing You Do In The Gym

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What’s the hardest thing you do in CrossFit? Such a great question with so many unique answers. For myself, it’s pretty easy: the hardest thing I’ve done in Crossfit, is try to gather an entire class and convince them that mobility is wicked cool!  Well, let me back up a little…is it as cool as your first muscle up? Or how about hitting a new PR in the clean and jerk? Well, probably not…BUT…odds are, you would be hitting more PRs if you actually spent time working on inefficiencies in your movements.
We all love to load the barbell up and crank up some Garth Brooks, right? Duh, who doesn’t!? That’s the making of PR city!…but how about rolling out a barbell on your quads? Those tight spots are nasty and they hurt like crazy when you spend time mashing them. So why do it? Those knots in the muscle need to be loosened up and blood flow needs to get back in there to help heal the damaged tissue. Damaged tissue? Yes, that’s the problem with crushing it at the gym…your muscle fibers get broke down and need to rest/recover in order to keep up the domination you bring to the gym on the reg! In my experience, mashing after a wod or on rest days, helps tremendously heading into the next day’s training.
Here’s the truth: if you continue to load the barbell up or continue to crank out kipping pull-ups, but you’re always hurting after a specific movement; well….You’re heading down a dark tunnel that’s going to lead to injury. It’s like a gorgeous Ferrari that never has a tune up. I’m not sure when, but eventually that Ferrari IS going to break down. Treat your movement patterns like a badass sports car. Keep them tuned up so they’re smooth and efficient!

Homework: Let me preface this by saying “this is going to sound and look pretty strange to a loved one who might walk in on you.” But, bear with me. Everyone these days has a Sonicare Toothbrush or something like it. It uses a two minute timer, so what better way to brush your teeth, than in the bottom of a squat?!?! Brilliant right? I thought so. But think about it…if you spend 4 minutes per day in the bottom of the squat (assuming you brush twice a day), you’d be in the bottom of the squat for 2 hours at the end of the month! Wuuuuuuuuuut? Exactly! Try it…let me know what you think. I know with the folks that tried it before, we all had a much better bottom position in our squat and it helped eliminate soreness! Well…one of those statements is true….