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My First WOD

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Have you ever wondered why you’ll never forget certain workouts?  In a very weird way, I can remember not only the workouts, but who I did them with, what time of day it was and how the weather outside was….I already said it was weird, no need to judge.  But seriously, about seven years ago, I walked into CrossFit Initiative and scheduled an appointment to see what it was all about. Ty, being the good judge in character decided the benchmark Helen would be a great test to see where my fitness level was.  He told me what it would entail, so I went home excited and stupidly nervous for the next day.

Saturday morning 9:30 sharp, Ty is putting me through a warm up. He’s going into all the nuances of rowing and all the data on the display: Strokes per minute and calories and what’s a good number to maintain and blah blah blah.  All I wanted was Helen! Listen tech dude, I’m here for the wod and bubble gum….and I’m all out of bubble gum. Sorry folks, my internal dialogue takes over and rages at times….you’ll soon find out.

Ty shows me how to do a kettlebell swing and shows me the distance and turn-around point for the 400m run.  Uhhhhh this isn’t good… I’m winded on the initial “here’s where you turn around” jog. Uh oh! Get your head right dude, you got this!

“So Ty, what’s the average time it takes for someone to finish this in? “ I ask, partially because I was truly interested, but also I needed to catch my breath. Pretty sad huh?

All I heard was “blah blah blah…..average crossfitter is about 15 minutes….blah blah blah”…Boom! Thats all I needed…game time sucka! I’m not an average Crossfitter, and my competitiveness isn’t going to let me exceed 15 minutes.  PERIOD!

Okay bro, time to roll.

“3,2,1, Go.”

Off like a shot. Just keep this pace!

21 Kettlebells….okay,  my heart is beating pretty friggin hard.

12 pull-ups…ummm, I normally have pull-ups…this kinda sucks.

Now, do it again! Wait! We should probably do just one round…deal?  No? …okay suck it up buttercup! 

Two rounds later, I was absolutely trashed!  I mean: gasping for air, and not able to get out of the fetal position, I need some emergency help asap…kinda trashed.

“Bro, great job!”….or something like that. I’m honestly not sure what was said. I may have written Ty into my will, for all I know.

Don’t throw up bro!  Okay, dry heaves are coming….just keep it down!

Ty explains that I finished in 22 something….ouch!  That was petty humbling to hear. Maybe I wasn’t the athlete I use to be…maybe my best days were behind me. I took ownership to not being in shape and thinking I could compete with people who train like this regularly. I started Crossfit the very next Monday!  I remember being pretty upset with my performance on Saturday and knowing full well, that I could do it more efficient and faster. Two weeks later, I retested and shaved 9 minutes off!  I was hooked!

But here’s the thing, I’ll never in my life forget how I felt before, during and after that workout. Ego and curiosity had lead me to CFI, but it was the deep look into the mirror afterward that forever changed my attitude toward my fitness. I’m never going to be the fastest or strongest.  It’s that simple! BUT, I know that if someone beats me in a workout, they had to punish themselves to do it, because, I’m not backing off and I’m going to give it everything I have that day.

Oh, if you’re curious to what my last Helen was, it was sub 9 min…take that stupid 22 minute Helen!