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Keep Doing What You’re Doing, You’ll Keep Getting What You’re Getting

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It’s so easy to just stick with what we feel comfortable with.  Show me someone who has been going to the local GloboGym for the last 10 years doing the same routine, and I’ll show you someone that has long ago stopped making any type of progress in their fitness.  CrossFit is often regarded by non-CrossFitters as crazy, odd, strange, etc…  The simple fact is that it’s different.  And for most of us, it’s hard to accept things that are different.  But different is exactly what you need if you want to improve!  I once heard a quote by a top triathlon coach that went: “The best training plan for you is the one you’re not on!”.  The sentiment is that your body adapts to routine and that’s when the progress slows and eventually stops.

My personal mantra in life is “be better”.  Every day when we wake up, we can choose to be complacent, or we can choose to be ambitious about who we are and what we can do.  This applies to fitness, academics, family, religion, diet, or really any aspect of our lives.  And the days that we choose ambition are growth days.  Those are the days that we stretch ourselves and become better.  We all have have it within us to constantly improve.  But here’s the most difficult part of growth: we don’t feel like we’re growing when the actual growth is taking place.  Growth often feels like failure.  And that’s because they are one in the same! Sometimes a lot of micro-failures, and sometimes a lot of big failures. But if we refuse to fail, we never grow.  We normally only feel like we’re growing AFTER the actual growth has taken place.  That’s when we see the effects of the growth that was so often painful.  The next time you are struggling and feeling down on yourself, remind yourself that this is a moment of significant growth.  Physically and mentally, you are actively becoming better in that moment.

On days of complacency, we do what feels comfortable.  We do what we know.  And we don’t become any better than we were the day before. Our goal for everyone at CFI is to grow every day.  We want everyone that shows up to become at least a little bit better.  To do that, you have to step out of comfort and complacency.  The constantly varied programming is meant to stretch the boundaries of your experiences, to make you better, and to give you a fun challenge while doing it.  I say it to people all the time at the box: “You showed up!  You’re a winner!”.  I usually get looks that indicate they feel patronized.  But let me reassure you that I am dead serious.  Showing up = winning.  You didn’t choose complacency that day.  Keep up the great work and give yourself credit for showing up and choosing to be better!