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How I Managed An Ice Cream Shop And Still Ate Clean

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Yup that’s me up there about to devour one of my favorite treats: ice cream! For some of you saying no to ice cream is not a big deal, but when you’re around it 8 hours a day and 6 days a week… staring at you and saying “I taste so good, you want to eat me!” it’s a bit tougher to say no.

Fortunately, I found CrossFit Initiative about the same time I took over managing Reno’s one and only Cold Stone Creamery. For someone that loves ice cream, being a manager had its perks! I was more than welcome to eat as much ice cream as I wanted! Hah, talk about heaven! So being involved in a community that focused on eating clean to maintain a healthy lifestyle and be able to PR the next day created a daily dilemma for me… Eat delicious ice cream every day or stay clean?
Now this wasn’t easy and it took a few months for it to finally evolve. Soon I was able to eat ice cream in moderation. But I really had to focus on my goals in Crossfit and the clean eating side of things. To start with, I set aside one day a week I could have ice cream, not a big size just enough to take the edge off. Then it turned into two weeks, and then three. Finally, I was down to once a month. After a few months, when it was time to have my once a month treat I decided it was no longer even worth it for me. Because when you eat clean foods your body changes. The sugar and dairy that is used in ice cream, cookies etc… made me feel awful. After feeling so good from eating clean, the way ice cream made me feel just wasn’t worth it anymore. So after a few months, I was able to say no before I consumed the bad feeling! A really key part of my plan was to pack small tasty meals, so I would not be hungry. It was a lot easier to say no to ice cream when my stomach was full of healthy foods.
So in this time, I not only developed the strategies to say no, but also how to change my mind-set for any kind of challenge that may occur. It doesn’t happen overnight, you just have to keep working for things, until you get it right.