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Eating To Elevate Your Game

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Leave it to CrossFit to once again push me beyond my comfort zone and try something I have never done… blogging.  Too bad there isn’t an on-ramp for blog novices, instead I relied solely on Google and my gut so read on at your own risk!

If you search for ways to eat which will improve your athletic performance you are greeted by 1,230,000 recommendations. I would venture to guess that every single one of those recommendations works……for someone. So how in the world do you find the solution that works for you?

I don’t necessarily have that answer but I can certainly offer some thoughts of what has worked for me. My nutrition has to be flexible enough to meet my fitness needs which changes based on the season I am in. What I eat when I am training for a marathon looks different than what I eat when I am preparing for a weightlifting meet. Regardless I try to eat foods that are real, meaning they are not overly processed and once lived. That means lots of meat, vegetables, fruit and nuts. I eat these foods because my body feels best when I do so and a wonderful byproduct is that my workouts tend to improve when I am consistent in consuming these foods. It is important you know that I have a sweet tooth and boy do I mean a sweet tooth. Like I will hurt someone who stands in the way of my bowl of ice cream and the biggest loser every night.

Consumption of my sweet treat each day though allows me to be disciplined to stay the course the rest of the day (mostly). When I have to make choices about the food I eat I try to remember that my body is a gift which is not perfect but works hard to allow me to do remarkable things and I have a responsibility to honor it. Eat consistently, eat foods that once lived and eat to honor the God given body you have on loan. The byproduct is often the desired outcome when we stop focusing so much on the very thing we want. Enjoy the journey and remember that the slogan of our gym is that ‘there is no magic pill’ and that couldn’t be truer for both fitness and nutrition.