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Dermalicious Products Now Available at CFI!

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As we start to carry more products at CrossFit Initiative, it’s important to us to carry products that are good quality and that we can be proud of.  Our newest offering is from a local business that is doing GREAT things!  Their products are high quality and they don’t take short-cuts.  Although Dermalicious offers more, we are currently carrying 3 products: Callus Quench, Cut Quench, and Ice Tube.

Callus Quench is a daily treatment you apply to your callused hands and it keeps your hands softer, more supple, and much less likely to tear.  Personally, I was close to tearing after yesterday’s 60 toes to bar in the WOD.  I applied Callus Quench 2-3 times yesterday afternoon and today, my hands feel really good!

Cut Quench is a softer version of Callus Quench.  It’s perfect for times when you do tear.  It is more like a salve and can be easier applied to very sensitive tears.  It won’t sting when you apply it.  In fact, it is very soothing.

Ice Tube is essentially for sore muscles and joints.  Just apply it to affected areas and it has a long-lasting therapeutic effect.

Here’s the owner, Rosa Myers, demoing how to apply Callus Quench to a tear after a particularly nasty WOD.