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Being Flexible Is Cool Contest!

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Robb, Krystal and Daryl effortlessly executing the saddle pose. So easy.

For the month of September AKA “Flextember”, we’re going to put a focus on flexibility.  Deep down inside, you know you should be working on your flexibility.  You know it’s not only good for you, but that it will also substantially reduce your risk of injury inside and outside the gym.  But do you make time for it?  C’mon… it’s time.

Starting September 1st, you can earn 1 point each day (Monday through Saturday) for doing the ROMWOD at CFI.  You can also earn 2 points for doing Yoga at CFI.  At the end of the month, we’ll draw a name from from the 5 top scoring females and a name from the 5 top scoring males.  The winners will be awarded a pair of Goodr shades.  I told you being

Iced by Yetis Goodr shades

flexible was cool.  And it’s also Goodr than being stiff and immobile!

You’ll just need to sign in for Yoga in Wodify when you come on Tuesday nights.  And if you do ROMWOD, you just sign in on the sheet underneath the self-serve kiosk (ipad) on top the water refrigerator.

It’s time to get Swole and Flexy!