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Are you too OLD for CrossFit?

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Coach Mark- 3x Games Competitor

Ever ask yourself: “am I to old or injured to do CrossFit”? I’ll give you the short answer. NO you are not. The old adage “use it or lose it” takes on more meaning as we age. You can retire, kick your feet up and nap your way to an early exit, or you can do something to counteract the aging process. In fact, the sooner you start CrossFitting the sooner you will begin looking and feeling better, both physically and mentally. You see, as a new CrossFitter, the hardest thing you will do each day is walk through our door. Because once inside, the coach has you, and will make sure you are warmed up, that movements are scaled to your ability, and you are able to perform them safely. With those cornerstones in place, the CrossFit programming takes over. “Constantly varied, functional movements” (real life, use it or lose it), done with intensity (strength and metabolism increases). And all this with the CrossFit Initiative community support – encouragement from other members and coaches that understand what you are going through. So over time, no matter where you were on day one, you gain mobility, agility, strength, confidence etc.. Way better than vegging on the couch. And remember….fit people are harder to kill. 😎