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CrossFit Initiative – CrossFit


(00:00 -15:00)

500m Row

3 Rounds

10 Hollow Rocks

10 Superman Rocks


Spiderman and Reach

Walkout to push-up

2 Rounds

3 Push-ups

5 Kip Swings

7 Air Squats


Strict HSPU/Strict Pull-up

(15:00 – 25:00)

Not so much a lengthy period of instruction as we are mostly just

looking to establish baseline numbers for upcoming %s.

Strict Handstand push-up

(or any variation of)

1 set Max reps

Rest as needed

Strict Pull-up

1 set Max reps

For both we are looking for difficulty level that allows for at least 5+ reps.

If Pull-ups are banded, note which band and where it is located on rack for following training.


All: Strict Handstand Pushup

Strict Handstand push-up

(or any variation of)

1 set Max reps

All: Strict Pull-up

Strict Pull-up

1 set Max reps


All: Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

(25:00 – 45:00)

Death by Burpees.

With a continuously running clock, perform

1 Burpee in the first minute

2 Burpees in the second minute

3 Burpees in the third minute

and so on….

Continuing for as long as you are able.



(45:00 – 50:00)

With a running clock for 4:00

1:00 Plank

30 Abmat Sit-ups or until 2:00(1:00)

:40 Plank

20 Abmat Sit-ups or until 3:20 (:40)

:20 Plank

10 Abmat Sit-ups or until 4:00 (:20)

As soon as first minute ends immediately begin sit-ups and work until finished or end of second minute. If finished, may rest until end of second minute.

Then plank for :40 right into Sit-ups and so on.


Cool Down

(50:00 -60:00)

5 minute light Bike/Walk/Row

Saddle Pose 2:00 – 3:00