Challenge Accepted

Reno’s Premier CrossFit Facility

Welcome to CrossFit Initiative, Reno’s best box! Our programming is fun, challenging and inspiring—and we’ll show you how to take the right amount of personal "initiative" every time you step in. Here, we invest a lot of effort into making sure you’ll always be safe and getting the most out of your training.

You'll look forward to working out with us because our coaches have a deep understanding of proper mechanics. At CrossFit Initiative, we believe that what makes people better is part intensity, part efficient movement to generate leverage and ultimately power with the lowest possible perceived intensity. Once an athlete hits a technique limit that their current coaches can’t get them past, our gym has the knowledge to continue moving them in the right direction.

We’re professionals who work hard to create a welcoming and educational atmosphere for all kinds of people within our gym—young, old, experienced or newbie. Everyone has a different story to share—but ours is an emphasis on quality and technique to better yourself through strength, skill and endurance. We’re a family-owned and operated gym, but here, everyone is treated like family.

So, come in today—we’d love to meet you!

Once you taste success, you’ll be hooked.

Ready to take some Initiative?


CrossFit Initiative is Reno’s friendliest, most accessible gym. Inside our spacious, 5,000-square-foot facility, you’ll love having immediate access to all of our fantastic equipment, a clean space with lots of friendly faces to greet and encourage you, and well-equipped coaches always by your side.

Our welcoming, inclusive box has what you need to stay motivated, including the medical grade SECA 514 body analyzer and a growing barbell club (Calavera Barbell), with programming by Norik Vardanian. We even have a small display area where you can purchase t-shirts and bottled or coconut water.

  • Love this place and wouldn't want to go anywhere else. I have been a member at other gyms and CFI really does it homework to make sure that this is truly a community and not just a place to sweat. Come on down!

    Don Hubler

  • Fabulous gym! Great, knowledgeable, supportive, "walking the walk" coaches! Had an amazing experience at CrossFit tonight! Challenge wrap up, work out and pot luck. My favorite part was all the kids working out alongside us. Serious fitness with a string family orientation. Does it get any better?

    Tracy Squier Ceragioli

  • It was awesome! I went here to try and get into good shape before I joined the army. The staff was great and taught me a lot. If you are looking for something other than a normal gym and a friendly atmosphere, then you should check this place out. If I am ever back in town, this is the first place I will go.

    Derek Roane